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Musical Intervals Guide by Ronelle & John Knowles (c) 2006

Please note that this resource was updated on Thu 9 March 2006 due to a formatting error that made two of the notes slide into different places!  My apologies.

This resource demonstrates the musical intervals - ascending and descending - for one octave each in the key of C.

Each interval is shown in three different forms:

1.  musical note form (on the treble clef),
2.  in letter form (note names), and
3.  roman numeral form (interval number).

Each interval has a list of songs which contain that interval so you can choose a song which will help you memorise and learn the interval.

Songs include those from
•  popular musicals eg The Sound of Music
•  television themes eg Gilligan's Island
•  traditional songs eg Amazing Grace and
•  popular songs eg The Beatles

Notes on how to memorise and learn intervals are also included.
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Musical Intervals Guide